Welcome to the HK Custom Guns website.

My name is Harvey Alvin King, III. I have been a gunsmith for the past years. Gunsmithing is not a hobby for me. It is my livelyhood. I supported my family as a gunsmith and I continue to enjoy doing what I love.

I have a passion for firearms! I have a determination of creating accurate shooting rifles. I believe that every shooter, whether their aim is on targets or game, has a dream and a desire to have a perfect firearm made to their specifications and only for them. You can pick out each component (action, barrel, stock) and I can help you make that dream become a reality.

One of my biggest thrills in life is hearing the joy and excitement in the voices of my customers when they tell me about a tight group they shot or that big game they took with the gun I built for them. I know I have played a part in making them happy with their shooting ability because now they have the right firearm. An extra bonus is the affordable price.

Building a rifle is more than putting together the components. The time I spend on each gun is not an issue to me, but the final outcome and possibilities is my focus. The first rifle I built was for myself in 1974. I was so pleased with it I knew I wanted to build more. I love people and enjoy talking, sharing information and hearing stories of your adventures and plans with your favorite firearm. Many of my customers have come to consider me a good friend.